Choosing The Best Floor For Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom which not only look great, are low maintenance yet still high in quality, you cannot go past the new and improved range of Vinyl Planks. They are super stylish, come in many different colours and textures and are completely waterproof.

The surface of the planks is designed to minimise the risk of slipping and falling and feel much softer underfoot when compared with tiles, which pairs well with safety.

The Vinyl Planks are hard wearing which is ideal for areas that have high traffic levels. They are also resistant to scratches and damage.

Vinyl planks are super easy to install and can be laid on any floor surface and over existing floors. As it is a floating floor, no glue or any other adhesives are required, which makes everything that little bit easier when preparing for installation.

Photo of a bathroom with vinyl plank flooring

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  1. The idea which you gave about ” The best floor for bathroom ” is really good. But you can also go for vinyl flooring.


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