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When designing a house, we should not just limit our creativeness to the colors that we would like to paint our walls with, to the tiles we wish to install in our bathroom, the furniture that will balance the harmony inside, or the lightning contraption that will set the mood of the room. Small factors must be considered because you may never know how big their effects can be. Among those small yet critical factors to take into account is your flooring.

Basically, when it concerns the flooring of your house, there are many factors to consider. The most integral factor to take into account is whether such flooring will suit the overall look of your interior, which is why it is always safe to opt for a design that will blend harmoniously with whatever style of interior decoration your room has. The question is, how do you decide between bamboo flooring or hardwood flooring?

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It is true that hardwood timber is a great choice, as it is not only elegant, but can also further balance the tone of your interior. This is a very traditional option which has been implemented in homes for decades. However when you start to consider the features and benefits of bamboo flooring – a more modern approach – most find a rise in couriosity concerning bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring.

It is important to consider all of your options when it comes to choosing between hardwood and bamboo flooring, especially considering how much the latter is growing in popularity.

Bamboo offers a range of unique qualities that makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a hard-wearing flooring option – plus it also provides homeowners with the wonderful feeling of knowing that the environment will benefit as well, once they decided to install bamboo flooring within their home.

Bamboo is technically considered to be a grass, which would surprise many people living in urban centres of most cities today, who assume that this tree-like grass couldn’t possibly be good for flooring. The truth of the matter is that over time and after much research and development, bamboo has been recognized for its durability and hardness, as well as it’s rapid growth – in fact the shoots can grow as much as 3 feet in one day in its peak growing season! Bamboo is available all year round because it can be harvested in less than 7 years. Hardness is guaranteed, which makes it a suitable choice for flooring in the home.

The biggest benefit of using bamboo flooring is the fact that it offers immense durability, of an even higher quality than what the best hardwood floor can offer. The truth is, compressed bamboo flooring is considered as one of the hardest floors in the market place today. Testing has show that it is 73% harder than traditional Jarrah, Blackbutt and Marri flooring to name a few. For this reason, compressed bamboo flooring is perfect both for residential and commercial use.

If you have decided to go for bamboo or timber flooring, the chances are that either choice will look good once installed and you will more than likely be satisfied with overall look. However there are common misconceptions that if you pick bamboo over hardwood, your options will be limited in terms of the look of the bamboo flooring and its overall colour. The truth of the matter is that many varieties of bamboo can look quite similar in appearance to that of hardwood timber flooring. Bamboo is also available in an array of colours and profiles, which all look different in their grain and appearance.

The biggest consideration when picking a bamboo floor is the cost. Although the price may be comparable to that of traditional hardwood flooring, most of the time bamboo is relatively cheaper and more affordable. Weighing up these options, bamboo flooring is the better option to install in your home. Bamboo flooring is not only beautiful to look at, but it is easy to care for and extremely hard-wearing. So make bamboo your choice the next time you are construction or renovating your home, because you will love the effects that bamboo flooring brings!

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