Laminate Flooring

Choosing the right laminate flooring for your Melbourne home is a decision a person makes only every five to ten years at the most. At A 2 Z Group, we can help you choose the right laminate flooring. Whether you have a young family and require a durable surface to withstand wear and tear, or perhaps you’d like to update your existing floor with a new, modern look, we’ve got a range of laminate flooring options to suit every customer. We work with clients across Melbourne, providing laminate flooring to Clayton, Sunshine, Thomastown, as well as Dandenong and Noble Park. As the laminate flooring experts, A 2 Z are the people to call on for all your needs in laminate flooring for Clayton, Sunshine and Thomastown. You won’t be disappointed with our great variety of floor options.We pride ourselves on stocking one of the widest varieties of laminate flooring in Melbourne. We offer our customers a choice between our Classic and Elite range, which come in a variety of styles, colours and thicknesses. We ensure all our flooring options provide you with the feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost.

The Elite Laminate range gives a truly authentic and elegant appearance of real Australian wood. Some of its features include AC4 rating, embossed surface finish, waxed edges and integrated Uniclic click-drop lock system for easy DIY installation. In addition, all styles in the Elite range are available with a 25 Year Residential Warranty. The range is perfect for any home or business looking to greatly enhance any interior space.

The Classic Laminate range is a cost-effective and long-lasting option that is ideal for new homeowners. With features like a semi-gloss surface finish, 25 Years Residential Warranty, Double Click locking system, AC3 rating and your choice of 8mm or 12mm thickness, you can’t go wrong with a Classic range option. Want to learn more about our laminate flooring options? Melbourne homeowners can contact us today.


Are you interested in updating the floor in your Melbourne home? Laminate flooring is the ideal choice for customers who want both an affordable and durable flooring option, without compromising on style. Since our clientele spans throughout Melbourne, from Dandenong to Nobel Park, our laminated flooring is perfect for any home.

Ideal for family homes in Melbourne, laminated flooring is designed with low maintenance in mind, which means you don’t need to worry about inflicting damage on your floor every time you move a piece of furniture, or entertain at your home in Melbourne. Laminate flooring features a sealed surface that is easy to clean and won’t harbour germs or bacteria, making it an ideal choice for young families with small children or pets.

As an added bonus, laminate flooring is also resistant to fading and damage from UV rays. So, if your home is prone to regular sun exposure - your laminate flooring will look fabulous for years to come! Unlike traditional hardwood floors, which typically require up to days of professional installation, laminate flooring is so easy to install that many of our customers choose to do it themselves! However, we do offer full installation services for laminated flooring in Melbourne, Nobel Park, Dandenong and throughout.

We also boast a wide product range here at A 2 Z Group. For those looking for a natural feel and look of Australian timber, but with the robustness and consistency of laminate, oak laminate flooring in Melbourne homes is the best option. This flooring will resist stains and scratches better than natural wood; it won’t fade and will resist the damages associated with moisture. With oak laminate flooring Melbourne home owners can enjoy clean, polished look to their flooring for years to come.

Our laminate flooring comes in a range of stains and colours, to suit the style of your home. Our dark laminate flooring in Melbourne homes adds a touch of rich class and luxury. Or, if your home décor and design makes use of lighter colours and tones, our grey and white laminate flooring in Melbourne homes can give a clean, modernist look to your flooring. For affordable, quality dark, grey, or white laminate flooring in Melbourne, it must be A 2 Z Group.



Are you interested in updating your home with laminated flooring? Cheap laminate flooring in Melbourne, Dandenong, Nobel Park homes can be just the ticket for getting all the aesthetic beauty of timber – without the price tag! It’s true, timber flooring can be an expensive product. The materials themselves are expensive, and so is the labour of laying them. However, with A 2 Z Group’s cheap laminate flooring Melbourne customers won’t be disappointed. Not only is the quality of our floors, but so is our service.

We transport our products to all metropolitan areas, laminate flooring to Sunshine, Thomastown, Clayton, Dandenong and Noble Park. Our laminated flooring can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Do you want to revamp your home with laminated flooring? Melbourne customers call us today or visit our store to speak to one of our professionals about which laminated flooring is best for your home. Keep an eye out for our frequent advertising of a laminate flooring sale in Melbourne.