Vinyl Plank Flooring


If you’re considering vinyl plank flooring for your Melbourne home, then look no further than A 2 Z Group. Our Luxury range of vinyl planks are available in a variety colours and designs – so you’re bound to find one that suits your home’s style and decor. When it come to the best type of flooring, vinyl planks rate at the top of the list!

At A 2 Z Group, our luxury range uses 100% recyclable materials, which makes our vinyl planks an environmentally friendly option for homes. Due to its versatility and modern design, vinyl plank flooring in St Albans, Dandenong and Melbourne homes is a popular choice for many home decorators. Are you ready to update your home with an affordable and stylish vinyl plank flooring? Melbourne’s best range of vinyl plank flooring for Dandenong, St Albans and throughout Melbourne, is at A 2 Z Group.

Vinyl Plank Flooring


One of the most desirable features of vinyl plank flooring is its uncanny resemblance to real wooden flooring. It not only looks but feels like the real deal. Modern technologies have allowed manufacturers to create vinyl floor planks that replicate the same texture as real wood, which means that often people can’t tell the difference!

We also stock waterproof vinyl plank flooring for Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. With our waterproof vinyl plank flooring Melbourne customers can enjoy sparkling floors for years to come, which won’t stain or wear and tear, whether you’re entertaining, or the kids are playing.

Consider yourself a handyperson? Keen on putting your hand to a DIY project in a home renovation? With our loose lay vinyl plank flooring Melbourne’s DIY enthusiasts have the ideal home renovation option. Our loose lay vinyl plank flooring for Melbourne does not require glue and is easy to lay – all you need to do line up the planks tightly. It’s that simple!

Vinyl Planks

Do you want a floor that won’t wear and tear easily in our Melbourne home? Vinyl planks are able to withstand any type of damage. Whether your children like drawing on the floor you like to entertain a lot in the space, your vinyl plank flooring will be protected and safe from damage by every day activity.

Since our vinyl plank flooring is sealed with a waterproof surface, which prevents harmful germs and bacteria, they are ideal for commercial areas such as hospitals as well as domestic environments like bathrooms, laundries and outdoor pool areas. Are you ready to invest in durable vinyl plank flooring? Browse through our online range now. We have very competitive vinyl plank flooring prices for Melbourne. With our excellent vinyl plank flooring prices Melbourne customers can truly save!

We have a range of styles, colours and tints of vinyl plan flooring. Our luxury vinyl plank flooring for Melbourne can bring a touch of class to your home. At excellent prices, you can enjoy all the benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring in Melbourne without paying through the nose!

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Planks Melbourne

One of the many reasons why residents in Melbourne choose vinyl planks is the affordability. We ensure all our products are cost-effective without lacking in quality. Vinyl plank flooring provides Melbourne homeowners with the convenience of being incredibly low maintenance, without impairing the aesthetic of a space. Unlike other forms of flooring, vinyl plank flooring can also be easily installed, which greatly helps to cut overall costs. In addition to our broad range of vinyl plank flooring, we also offer our customers full delivery and installation services. Melbourne’s best vinyl plank flooring experts are at A 2 Z Group. Call us or visit our store today to discuss vinyl planks for your home.