Black Butt 1 Strip

  • Black Butt 1 Strip
  • Black Butt 1 Strip
Black Butt 1 Strip

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A2Z Engineered Timber flooring range combines a tough, real hardwood surface with multiple layers of plywood ensuring further structural integrity and suitability. It is remarkably strong,more resistant to moisture than solid timber flooring, offering value for money when it comes to both installation and product features.

Once installed, no additional work is required; it can be installed quickly and enjoyed immediately.

Commonly known as Floating Floors, Engineered floors are generally a pre-finished, timber veneer on a plywood base and laid over an underlay. Most have a veneer of around 3-4mm thick which is re-sandable. Engineered floors can usually be installed as a fixed floor over concrete or plywood as long as the surface is flat and dry.

They are highly engineered and designed to be installed quickly and with minimum disruption to your family and lifestyle.

Engineered flooring is composed of multiple layers of veneered timber glued together in a cross-grained lamination that is designed to counteract the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract when faced with changes in temperature and moisture. Firstly, a layer of moisture barrier is laid on the ground, followed by a layer of underlay then timber. It is most commonly used for apartments or units, where floors are situated on a higher level. Each layer of veneered timber acts as a sound barrier, thus minimizing noise and disturbances.

At A2Z Group, our selection of pre-finished engineered floating floors features a unique moisture film barrier (registered trade mark) that will slow down the moisture effect by approximately ten fold.

Like any other timber floor, a gap of approximately 10mm should be allowed between the wall and floor to allow for expansion.

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Product Name: Name: Black Butt 1 Strip

Product Width: 0.00 cm

Product Height: 0.00 cm

Product Depth: 0.00 cm

Product Weight: 0.00 kg

Description:Price is per square metre