Strand Woven Click Bamboo Flooring

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  • Strand Woven Click Bamboo
  • Strand Woven Click Bamboo (1)
  • Strand Woven Click Bamboo
Strand Woven Click Bamboo Flooring

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A 2 Z Group is the leading strand woven bamboo flooring supplier with a range of colours and designs to enrich your home. A2Z Bamboo Floor is extremely tough and durable (80% denser than hardwood) and it’s considered as on the hardest floors in the market place today. Our bamboo floor is made from highly renewable natural resources that are able to grow to maturity in as little as five to seven years, with minimal harvesting impact.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable – A2Z Bamboo flooring is truly the choice for your home, office, shop or showroom. A2Z Bamboo range is practical and popular choice due to its quality, durability and affordability. All our bamboo range comes with Premium quality finish and doesn’t require sanding and coating. Easy and quick to install.

25 Years manufacturers Warranty.

Dimensions: 1840mm x 122mm x 14mm

Packaging: 1.35sqm

Colour: Autumn


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Product Name:Strand Woven Click Bamboo Flooring

Product Width: 185.00 cm

Product Height: 10.00 cm

Product Depth: 10.00 cm

Product Weight: 20.00 kg Description: Price is per sqm. Cold pressed strand woven bamboo flooring, Click Locking System.